From the Office of Fr. David Barr

St. Elias Family Picnic 

Saturday, April 29   •  8901 Sam Carter Drive, Austin, Texas 78736  

Plan now for a fun and Spirit filled day after Pascha.

10:00 AM — Outdoor Divine Liturgy
11:30 AM — BBQ Picnic Lunch
12:30 PM — Presentation for Adults and Fun and Games for Children
  2:00 PM — Presentations for both Adults and Children
  3:30 PM — Vespers and Departure

This is sure to be a wonderful family experience for our community. Check out the flyer on this day!

Daily Lenten Readings

To download the Daily Lenten Old Testament Readings, Click on the Day below:

Pure Monday

First Tuesday of Great Lent

First Wednesday of Great Lent

First Thursday of Great Lent

First Friday of Great Lent

First Weekend of Great Lent

Second Monday of Great Lent

Second Tuesday of Great Lent

Second Wednesday of Great Lent

Second Thursday of Great Lent

Second Friday of Great Lent

Second Weekend of Great Lent

Third Monday of Great Lent

Third Tuesday of Great Lent

Third Wednesday of Great Lent

Third Thursday of Great Lent

Third Friday of Great Lent

Third Weekend of Great Lent

Fourth Monday of Great Lent

Fourth Tuesday of Great Lent

Fourth Wednesday of Great Lent

Fourth Thursday of Great Lent

Fourth Friday of Great Lent

Fourth Weekend of Great Lent

Fifth Monday of Great Lent

Fifth Tuesday of Great Lent

Fifth Wednesday of Great Lent

Fifth Thursday of Great Lent

Fifth Friday of Great Lent

Fifth Weekend of Great Lent

Sixth Monday of Great Lent

Sixth Tuesday of Great Lent

Sixth Wednesday of Great Lent

Sixth Thursday of Great Lent

Sixth Friday of Great Lent—The End of the Lenten Season

Classes on the Fathers of the Church 


“Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, Gregory of Nyssa”. The names of these saints are familiar to most Orthodox Christians. They are counted among the most important of the Church Fathers. They are known as the Cappadocians. Basil and Gregory of Nyssa were brothers. Gregory the Theologian was a lifelong friend. Basil is among very few saints who was known as the “great”. If you would like to know more about these saints, join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00AM. Our schedule for January is:

January 8th: The life and times of Basil the Great
January 15th: No class: The Annual Parish meeting
January 22: The writings of St. Basil
January 29th: St. Gregory The Theologian
February 5th: St. Gregory of Nyssa
February 12th: St. John Chrysostom

All are welcome,

Fr. Daniel



You can download a guide to fasting in the Orthodox Church by clicking here

Guide to Confession

You can download a preparation for Confession in the Orthodox Church by clicking here

Fr. Thomas Hopko's 55 Maxims for Spiritual Living

You can download Father Thomas Hopko's 55 Maxims for Spiritual living by clicking here

Fr. Thomas Hopko's 10 Essential Conditions for Coming to Know God's Truth and Finding Life

You can download a worthwhile list of conditions an Orthodox Christian should have if he or she wants to come to know God by clicking here



You can download copies of the Arthur and Theodore Jabour and George and  Rabab Sayegh Scholarships for college students by clicking on the names of the scholarship.


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