Did You Know?

11/17/2011 7:26:17 PM

Let’s look at some other colors used in Byzantine Iconography. Traditional icons are gilded with gold leaf. The gold shines through on the halos and symbolizes the eternal, uncreated light of God and His heavenly kingdom. Purple is used to represent Christ’s Kingdom. White is used to show heavenly purity and divinity (icons of the Resurrection show Christ in white robes). Green is the color of the living earth and is used to portray youth, hope and where life begins. This contrasts to brown which shows our fallen nature on earth and that we will eventually become dust. Black is used to portray evil and death. There are some variations in colors used. Icons written in parts of the world where certain pigments were not available might substitute green for blue. Every part of an icon tells a story. Look closely because icons yield a world of information and meaning.

Thanks to Patricia Rudawski for providing our “Do You Know?” articles.