St. Elias Church School 

Creative Arts Festival

The normal archdiocesan Creative Arts Festival was canceled this year, so we invited our church school students to submit their work based on the verse that would have been this year's theme:

For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. John 3:17

"Jesus pulling Adam and Eve up while Hades is scowling."

Charlotte Browning -- Grade 1 Age 7

"Jonah and the Whale; Jonah is in the whale's tummy"

Miriam Browning -- Grade 1 Age 7

Abby Stewart

Ella Stewart

Athena Daly - Age 10 Grade 4

Our Church School has 80 children registered ranging in age from 4 years old to 17 years old. We have two sessions of Church School. The first session follows the 8:30 am Divine Liturgy. Our second session commences immediately after the reception of Holy Communion during the 10:30 am Divine Liturgy.

In both sessions, we have dedicated and enthusiastic teachers who are constantly creating innovative ways of engaging our children in the curriculum and our holy Orthodox Faith. Last year we studied the Old Testament Scriptures following the theme of "Promise and Preparation." This year, we will be studying the New Testament under the theme of "Christ - The Fulfillment."

The third week of July this year, we have Vacation Bible School at St. Elias. Last year we had over 40 children in attendance.  

It is our goal to bring our children to knowledge of God and maturity in the faith through teaching of Holy Scripture, the Liturgical and Sacramental life of the Church, charitable activities and fellowship with each other.

Church School Activities:

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